Project Description



text at the exhibition by Marta Cereda

Contractions and expansions of space and time: not necessarily visible, but possible and therefore real. Around this reflection, Agostino Bergamaschi develops his project SUPERPASSATO, his first solo exhibition in the space of a museum.
Bergamaschi’s research starts from the most varied influences of everyday life. Elements which set the pace of his everyday life – from his readings to the images of the masters of art history to the facade of the building where he works – are interpreted and modelled in sculptures and photographs characterised by a strong focus on experimentation with materials.
The exhibition SUPERPASSATO displays site-specific works in dialogue with the spaces of the Mef. The artist started from the architectural details of the facility. The architraves, the crawlspaces, the terrace overlooking the city are some of the elements from which Bergamaschi has drawn inspiration to create an installation which, joining sculpture and photography, ties the artist’s dimension and everyday references to those of the museum.
Steel, glass, rubber, wood: the conciliation of different moments emerges from the choise of the materials, coming from contexts far away from each other, where artisan manufacturing meets industrial processes with no hierarchies.

28 April – 11 June 2017

Opening times
from Wednesday to Friday 14-19
Saturday and Sunday 11-19

Exhibition developed by

Fondazione Ettore Fico