Project Description



text at the exhibition by Elena Forin

Cosimo Veneziano’s works investigate the wide universe of images of the social, architectural and urban patrimony. Within this line, the investigation into the nature of the monuments and their contemporary identity has become a central point of his research, continuously stimulated by the many destructions worked by terrorist regimes and economic changes which have unexpected amazing repercussions on the urban landscape.
Assuming that the installation of a monument on public space involves the selection of a “historical fact”, a “god” or a “character” considered crucial for the community, the artist wonders how important can be the destruction of a patrimony recognised as collective. What can be for our imagination and our posterity’s imagination the consequences of the “cancellation” of monuments as a result of destructive acts such as those happened in Syria, Libya or Iraq? And how can we live in a context characterised by buildings suddenly become real example of ghost architecture?

16 February – 16 April 2017

Opening times
from Wednesday to Friday 14-19
Saturday and Sunday 11-19

Exhibition developed by

Fondazione Ettore Fico