Project Description


OGGETTI E IMMAGINI DI PIERO LIVIO is the title under which, from 1970, Piero Livio has been selecting, collecting and assembling waste and refuse destined for oblivion; the variation in context or point of view offers to the objects a new identity, a renewed dignity, an opportunity for reflection, almost a moment of eternity.

The almost one hundred objects on display are a small emerging part of the whole production systematically organised and catalogued through the years.

The objects, built with occasional contributions, assembled through fragile organic bindings of bread, beeswax and thin copper threads, are held into real phials and cases or virtual spaces tending to stabilize this new reality.

In a dash of sunlight, millions of flying objects emerge from nothing, a powdery universe, a hidden richness of different natures, colours, sizes, tensions, attractions, impulses; a placid chaotic vortex, a parabolic quest for peace which is not peace.
The unheard sound of the silent seethe of the earthly breath; that present, intangible, absent breath carries away life, fortune, destiny, a tiny grain, the whole universe which it brings with itself.

09 September – 02 October 2016

Opening times
from Wednesday to Friday 14-19
Saturday and Sunday 11-19

Fondazione Ettore Fico