Project Description


Paradises regained

curated by Andrea Busto

Ettore Fico’s paradises regained are uncontaminated woods, hilly landscapes, vineyards, pergolas and especially flowering gardens, brimful of multicoloured shades sparkling vivid and brash on the pictorial surface.

The fundamental assumption from which the exhibition path originates is the synthesis of an ideal “programmatic manifesto” of the artist. The latter, in spite of the natural and physiological stylistic maturation which accompanies the evolution of the individual poetics, showed a surprising coherence of intent keeping unchanged, for over sixty years of activity, a fundamental purpose: transfiguring nature through a sort of “unresolved abstraction”, that is investigating the depth of things without losing their factual ontological presence and ultimately returning an image filtered through his own capacity of reworking a posteriori.

Through fundamental works, the exhibition is aimed to tell the story of a personal journey, shared and emotionally intense.


10 March 2016 – 26 June 2016

Opening times
from Wednesday to Friday 14-19
Saturday and Sunday 11-19

Città di Torino
Regione Piemonte
Fondazione Ettore Fico