Project Description

Ettore Fico

The Mediterranean years

Curated by Andrea Busto

The exhibition shows some of the works that are mainly inspired by the Mediterranean Sea as well as the several travels done by the author in the cradle of our ancient civilization. Ettore Fico’s  Mediterranean inspiration can be found in some recurring themed series amongst his vast and varied production. Starting from his beginning, the artist approach the painting using some of the earthiest, dried out tones, typical of the sultry Maghrebian nature, while at the same time immortalising his comrades.

In between the end of the Fifties and the beginning of the Sixties, the painter starts to spend more and more time in the Amalfi Coast, portraying its folklore and its crudities. Not to mention his depictions of Ligurian, Provential and Camargue coast, with a use of a warmer and soothing set of colours.

Opening dates
9 July – 18 October 2015

Opening times
From Wednesday to Friday 14-19
Saturday and Sunday 11-19