Project Description

Filippo de Pisis

Eclectic Connoisseur between Painting, Music and Poetry

Curated by Elisa Camesasca, Paolo Campiglio, Maddalena Tibertelli de Pisis

The exhibition aims to highlight the long-lasting relationship between Filippo de Pisis and

the pictorial sources from the present and the past.

The artist’s approach to painting started from his love and passion for art history, the cult of the local tradition of Costa and Francia, and developed in the span of three decades, according to various passions from time to time pursued, ridden, collected and found again. De Pisis, visiting and studying the art works in museums, recovered his own roots tied to naturalism and French painting, discovered himself as well as his own inspiration. During his youth, comparing himself to his contemporaries such as De Chirico, Savinio and Carrà, he brought into focus his aptitude for collecting the world as an aware practice of metaphoric and meta-historical thought, in a metaphysical sense.

In Paris, from the encounter with Soutine’s pictorial passion and Toulouse-Lautrec’s rapid pastel, De Pisis got the inspiration to set free from the influence of Monet, who he long loved in his early years and always considered a model, and to attain that free mark on the canvas, that expressive freedom which in the 1930s foreboded the outcomes of a certain informal painting.

The dialogue with artistic sources, the frequent visits to European museums, the painting of his contemporaries led the artist to develop his personal approach to the canvas, which would distinctively remain as an indelible hallmark in 20th century Italian art history.


The exhibition, gathering about 150 paintings and drawings, is aimed at focusing on the complex world which characterises Filippo de Pisis’s art passions and culture: poetic inclination, passion for antiquity and collecting, the musical world of opera, his botanist nature and his love for museums and past civilizations.

These constants, which he would mantain for all his extraordinary creative path, constitute foundamental milestones as well as the linchpins which the artist’s main commitment to painting winds around. The concept on which the exhibition is based, as a matter of fact, consists in putting Filippo de Pisis’s works at the heart of a constellation of references to other authors, presenting visitors with an exhibit structured in sections.


Opening dates
24th January – 22nd April 2018

Opening times
wednesday – friday 14-19
saturday – sunday 11-19

Exhibition developed by

Fondazione Ettore Fico
With the contribution of
Regione Piemonte
Under the patronage of
Città di Torino
In collaboration with
Associazione per Filippo de Pisis