Project Description

Paolo Monti

Photographs 1935-1982

MEF Outside | via Filippo Juvarra 13, 10122 Torino

Curated by Pierangelo Cavanna and Silvia Paoli

Important retrospective, developed in collaboration with Civico Archivio Fotografico of the City of Milan, dedicated to Paolo Monti, one of the most prominent Italian photographers of the 1900s.

An industrial manager, he becomes fond of photography to such an extent that he chooses it as a profession, besides carrying out an intense activity as a critic and a curator. After approaching photography since the 1920s, in the postwar period he moves to Venice, city which marks a shift, both for the contact with the local reality and the encounter with that group of photographers with whom he would found the photography club “La Gondola” in 1948. Starting from 1953, he is in Milan where he consolidates his critical and experimental attitude, becoming one of the most successful authors even at international level.

In a certainly unique way, considering the Italian reality, besides his intense professional activity, Monti always carried out a relevant artistic and experimental production which led him to measure himself with photograms, chemigrams and some experimentation with coloured materials.

Opening dates
4th May – 29th July 2018

wednesday – sunday 11-19

Exhibition developed by

Civico Archivio Fotografico di Milano
Comune Milano
Fondazione Ettore Fico
In collaboration with
With the contribution of
Regione Piemonte
Under the patronage of
Città di Torino
Part of
Fo.To – Fotografi a Torino
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