Project Description


from Renaissance to present days

@MEF – via Francesco Cigna 114, 10155 Turin


Curated by Anna Maria Morsucci

Museo Ettore Fico together with publishing house Lo Scarabeo present an event unique in its kind: Tarot cards since their first appearance in Italy around the middle of XV century until our days.
In more than 1000 square meters, the exhibition shows ancient and modern tarot decks, books, graphics, documents, images and texts.
It’s a real initiatic journey to explore Tarot cards in many of their aspects: historical, artistic, litterary, magic, but also from a more intimate and personal point of view.
The exhibition is structured in a fascinating way to welcome and invite visitors to a time travel.
An App created and dedicated to the event, QRCode along the way will assists to live a suggestive experience.

Opening dates
4 October 2017 – 14 January 2018

Opening times
Wednesday to Friday 14-19
Saturday and Sunday 11-19

Exhibition developed by

Fondazione Ettore Fico
With the patronage of
Città di Torino
Regione Piemonte