From 3 October 2017 the MEF doubles!

MEF - Outside Pos

A new venue in the former Café Procope, at 13 via Filippo Juvarra, on the same block as Le Musichall. This other space available to the museum is the result of a collaboration with Opera Torinese del Murialdo, launched in order to create a new cultural city hub, born from Collegio Artigianelli together with EtikØ and Arte Brachetti.

MEF Outside wants to create a link between the centre and the outskirts, intending to generate a new gem from the main project of via Cigna.
The choice of participative, not passive, partners aims to create a real cultural hub, where the actors are active parts of the project.
For the Museum, investing in culture in synergy with the entity run by Opera Torinese del Murialdo is the solution and the answer to a long lasting research.

The location, next to the new Porta Susa station, the OGR and the old city centre, provides this communal project with an absolute peculiarity and a specific identity.

Furthermore, by gathering different but contiguous cultural realities like theatre, dining and visual arts is possible to generate a productive and internationally competitive offer of events, exhibitions, concerts and shows.
MEF Outside is set in a strategic area of the city. A 2km straight line (corso Palestro – corso Valdocco – via Cigna) connects the headquarters to their “satellite”, both in imagination and in reality.

MEF-MEF Outside map