04/11/2017 – 12.00
@MEF via Cigna 114, 1055 Turin

Torino 2017 special edition, 13′

Yumi Karasumaru

In her actions Yumi Karasumaru combines the expressive modes of the Japanese theatre with Western performing style, as well as in her artworks the memory of traditional Japanese painting coexists with her country’s pop culture.

The artist uses her body as a screen where she projects the most tragic memories of the History of her native country. The projection, accompanied by her voice and by music, produces a hypnotic narrative due to the interaction of texts, images and sounds.

Facing Histories in Hiroshima – Torino 2017 special edition, moves from the atomic bombing, a traumatic event on which have dwelled in many occasion, starting from ther Atomic Series (1995) and Modern Crimes (1999). The scenic use of her clear and mellow voice, accompanied by the music of Enrico Serotti and the reading of poems written by authors who survived the Hiroshima tragedy, bring life to a performance which transforms the dramatic event into a painful poem.

The artist

Yumi Karasumaru was born in Osaka and currently lives and works between Bologna and Kawanishi, Japan. Through painting and performance, her research combines the traditional japanese culture and the pop one, questioning about the traumas which generated unsettling contraddictions within the collective identity in her country.

Since the 90s she took part into important shows in Europe, United States and Japan. Among her most recent exhibitions: Facing Histories (MAMbo Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna, 2016; Roppongi Hills A/D gallery, Tokyo – @Kcua Kyoto City Univesity Arts Art Gallery, Kyoto, 2015); Spiriti evanescenti – Dal Giappone al Mar sa d’Este, Palazzina Mar sa d’Este, Ferrara, 2014; It’s our Tokyo Stories, Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo, 2010.

Exhibition developed by

Fondazione Ettore Fico


With the patronage of

Città di Torino
Regione Piemonte