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New venue @via Filippo Juvarra 15, 10122 Turin (Italy)

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Turin is among the 52 destinations that The New York Times suggests to visit in 2016. The city has been appreciated for the great cultural vitality: necessary stop-over The Egyptian Museum, Artissima Fair, Paratissima, Luci d’Artista, Club To Club Festival, and with our great satisfaction, MEF Museo Ettore Fico.

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The Museum

“The Museo Ettore Fico is a place that gives strong impetus to positive processes of socialization and cultural growth, with broad accessibility of spaces and contents, where creative and artistic languages can be discovered and experienced.”

The Museo Ettore Fico is in via Cigna 114, in an urban area called Spina 4, which is currently at the heart of a vast restoration plan of an abandoned industrial site.
Next to the Docks Dora, where numerous artists studios are based, the MEF is part of an extremely interesting social context, very lively and strongly multi-ethnic.
Some contemporary art galleries have moved to this same area; new art and music workshops found in the neighbourhood an ideal location for experimentation and research.

The MEF provides an international cultural offer, organizing exhibitions, cultural events, workshops, roundtables and meetings, with the aim to affect a vast number of people interested in modern and contemporary art, but considering some incursions into ancient art.
The exhibition programme, which includes three annual thematic exhibitions, features three different levels: the first level is focused on monographic exhibitions of great masters or on didactic historical collective exhibitions; the second on contemporary artists who will directly operate on the spaces of the museum; while the third places side by side different art forms (fashion, design, cinema etc.).